Resources update!

With lots of new resources coming on-stream soon, this is the perfect time to take stock of what is currently available for teachers, students and members of the public on our website and also to point out some upcoming highlights!

In podcast land, we are continuing with our popular “Greek gods in under five minutes” series! Over the coming weeks and months, our wonderful podcasters Eleanor and Maria will introduce us to Apollo, Artemis, Hermes and Dionysus! Last week, we also launched a second podcast series! These podcasts deal with things we often get wrong about the ancient world, again in under five minutes! We began with an introduction to the surprisingly colourful world of ancient buildings and temples. You will find this and all of our podcasts under the “podcast” tab. Happy listening!!

We are currently building up our stock of resources for the Junior Cycle, particularly for the core component of the specification, so keep an eye out for our upcoming resources on daily life, looking in particular at objects and artefacts associated with daily life. These will join our current resources on mythology (including a new resource on the connection between Greek mythology and the names for certain birds, etc. – click on the image above for a copy of this resource!) and Greek and Latin classroom posters! For the Senior Cycle, both outgoing and incoming, a video on Greek art will soon join our videos and PowerPoints on Alexander, Virgil, Greek funerary practices, Greek tragedy and Roman architecture!  

Our Transition Year resources are ever-expanding! In addition to the extensive core manual and accompanying PowerPoint, you will find resources for Ancient Greek (wordsearch), the Parthenon, the Casino at Marino and Heracles & Monsters! Soon, we will be adding a walking tour of Classics-associated sights in Ireland!

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