Junior Cycle – Classics

A copy of the curriculum for Junior Cycle Classics can be found here.

Strand 1: Myth (Core)

Strand 2: Classical Studies Component (Option)

  • The World of Achilles
  • Rome, Centre of an Empire

Strand 3: Classical Language Component (Option)

  • Ancient Greek
  • Latin


Click on the images below to download a copy of the documents

Strand 1: Mythology bingo!

Use this interactive group game to help familiarise students with some of the most common gods and figures from mythology.

Strand 2: Five-minute crossword – Who’s who in the world of Achilles?

Use this quick crossword to test students’ knowledge of the key figures in the world of Achilles!

Strand 3: Two classroom posters for handy Ancient Greek phrases!

You do not need to teach Ancient Greek for these posters to add something interesting to your classroom!

Strand 3: Greek inscription materials created by Attic Inscriptions Online

We highly recommend looking at the amazing school resources made by Attic Inscriptions Online. While specifically aimed at UK schools, these resources, which are based on Greek inscriptions, are equally relevant for Irish schools and will offer a new way of looking at language and of thinking about ancient Greece. The website includes resources for different age groups, and you can also check out the YouTube channel here.

Strand 3: Two classroom posters for handy Latin phrases!

As with the Ancient Greek posters, you do not need to teach Latin to use these posters in your classroom! These posters were kindly produced for Access Classics by Dr Louise Maguire, Head of Latin at Blackrock College, Dublin.