Podcast news!

We are delighted to announce the return of our mythology podcast: once again, sit back and allow our wonderful podcasters, Eleanor Kellett and Maria Wood, to introduce you to some of the main gods from the Greek Pantheon, each in under five minutes! This time around, we will meet Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Hermes and Dionysus! Keep an eye on our Twitter (@ClassicsUCD) so you don’t miss any episodes!

Black-figure vase depicting a procession of some of the Greek gods (© The Trustees of the British Museum)

Also (*drum roll*), we will soon be launching a new series of short podcasts on the wonderfully broad topic of ‘Interesting Things in the Ancient World’! Have you ever wondered whether statues and temples were a riot of colour in the ancient world? Would you like to know more about ancient pirates, or the Amazons? If so, this is the series for you! More details to follow soon!

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