UCD Classical Museum

Access Classics is incredibly fortunate in being able to work with the UCD School of Classics Classical Museum and its curator, Dr Jo Day, in introducing the material culture of the ancient world to some of the students who take part in our sessions. The UCD Classical Museum (located in the UCD School of Classics, Newman Building) offers a unique and wonderful collection of artefacts, including Greek pottery, gravestones with Latin inscriptions, papyrus fragments and even a Roman sarcophagus! We also conduct handling sessions with artefacts from the museum (some real and some replicas), so you can see up close some of the objects used in day-to-day life thousands of years ago! In the meantime, why not take a tour of the museum by clicking on the image below?

Museum artefacts captured on camera!

Many thanks to the UCD Classical Museum curator, Dr Jo Day, for the use of these images and links. Should you wish to organise a tour of the UCD Classical Museum, you can contact Dr Day by email: joanna.day@ucd.ie. You can find out more information about the UCD Classical Museum here.