Sandymount Park Educate Together Secondary School, 2021

Some student feedback!

“I would definitely recommend this to other students because it would be useful for other people that want to learn about daily life in Ancient Greece.”

“I really enjoyed it as I learned about the origin of many words that we still use today.”

“It was really interesting and I really enjoyed how interactive it was.”

“I liked how interactive it was and the different choices kept me engaged throughout.”

“Dr Bridget was really enthusiastic and engaging which made the visit even more enjoyable.”

Dundrum College of Further Education, 2020

Our Level 5 Classical Studies students were thrilled to have a guest lecture this year from Dr Bridget Martin of UCD Classics. The lecture was so accessible, dynamic and engaging – pitched at just the right level, and giving the students a valuable insight into the study of Classics at third level. Bridget’s knowledge and passion for Greek tragedy really made the topic come alive for our students, and has inspired them to read the prescribed plays with new perspective. We really hope to collaborate with UCD Classics again in the future. (Sorcha Duggan, Classical Studies Teacher, Dundrum College of Further Education)

Mount Sackville Secondary School

We had the great privilege of Dr. Martin zooming into our first-year history class during the lockdown to talk about Ancient Rome. The lesson was tailored completely to the students’ questions and interests and Dr Martin provided a fascinating insight into the lives of Ancient Romans. The lesson provided a way for the students to engage with the information in a very accessible and meaningful way. Her enthusiasm for the material was infectious and the students greatly enhanced their knowledge of the topic in just a single forty-minute period. (Ciara Forristal, History Teacher, Mount Sackville Secondary School)

Blackrock College, 2019

Thanks to Access Classics for a wonderful series today. They spoke with 3rd years for a taste of Ancient Greek and 5th years on Classics at third level. TY had a fantastic opportunity to handle some objects from the Classical Museum, UCD. Not only was it a fantastic learning experience, but free and so easy to organise. We look forward to having you back. (Dr Louise Maguire, Head of Latin, Blackrock College)