News from the Panoply Vase Animation Project!

Attention, everyone!! The excellent Panoply Vase Animation Project is joining forces with the University of Cambridge Schools Classics Project to launch five new animations to help bring the excitement of mythology and animation into classrooms! These animations, which were made for the Our Mythical Childhood project (through the Universities of Roehampton and Warsaw) all relate to Greek mythology: Heracles and the Erymanthian Boar, Dionysus, Iris, Libation, and Sappho 44.

The event will take place on 24 April, 1–5.30pm:

The animations will be shown during the first hour, and this will include, for the first time, the showing of a recording of Sappho 44 sung in Greek and accompanied by a lyre. It will be sung to the tune it would have had in antiquity – this is not to be missed!  

The remainder of the afternoon will be dedicated to a pedagogy session, which will begin with a short talk by an experienced teacher on using the animations to teach visual literacy in Greek Art. This will be followed by:

o   information on the materials available to accompany each animation

o   some brief information on how the animations fit in with the UK GCSE/A-Level curriculums**

o   some short presentations from teachers on their experiences of using the animations in the classroom

o   a look at the mini documentaries that Panoply has made to go with them

**Teachers of the Irish Junior and Senior Cycle Classics curricula might also find these very helpful and interesting!

For the Junior Cycle, all would be a great accompaniment to the core Myth strand, and Sappho 44 would work very well with both the World of the Achilles strand and the Ancient Greek language option!

For the current Senior Cycle, the animations of Dionysus and Sappho 44 could add to the Greek Drama and Ancient Epic topics, and all would feed into the Art and Architecture in Greek Society topic.

For the new Senior Cycle curriculum, the animations could be really helpful resources for the World of Heroes (Heracles and the Erymanthian Boar; Sappho 44), Drama and Spectacle (Dionysus) and Gods and Humans (Libation) strands.

You can find more information about this great event at this link, and you can book your place here

Students enjoying a Panoply workshop!

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