Young Classicist Awards

Calling all young Classicists! The Young Classicist Awards 2021 is now open for entries! This exciting initiative encourages secondary-school students to present a project on any aspect of Classics – this can be a craft, such as a poster or a painting, or it can involve some manner of performance, such as singing or recitation.

The awards categories are as follows:

Robin Miller Award – Senior. This award is for senior competitors, from 4th to 6th year.

Dionysus Award – Junior. This award is for junior competitors, from 1st to 3rd year.

Athena Award. This is open to all students, and it encourages students to connect their project to one of the UN sustainable development goals.

Palma Lingua Antiqua. This award is open to all students who have Ancient Greek and/or Latin as a substantial part of their project.

The deadline for entries is 23 April 2021, and all entries must be submitted digitally. Full details on entry requirements and dates, past winners and contact information can be found in the documents below. Access Classics was delighted to be part of the Young Classicist Awards last year, and we can’t wait to see all the great entries this year! Good luck to all!

For a copy of the brochure, poster, success criteria and application form, please click on the images below.



Success criteria:

Application form:

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